35th EU PVSEC, 24 - 28 September 2018
SQUARE - Brussels Meeting Centre, Brussels, Belgium

Participate in the World’s Largest Specialist PV Solar Conference

The experts of the PV solar branch meet at EU PVSEC to discuss new concepts, trends and developments in science and industry. The EU PVSEC provides the most inspiring platform for dialogue and information exchange across the World.

The international Conference programme will be structured in plenary, oral and visual presentations and cover the entire range of PV research, technologies and applications, focusing on the latest scientific, technological and market-related trends. Now, that Photovoltaic Solar Energy is becoming a major electricity source, the EU PVSEC extended its focus to applied and policy-oriented topics. The EU PVSEC thus strengthens its established leading role in science and technology among the players of the global PV sector.

180507 EU PVSEC 2018 Conference Programme OutlineDetailed Conference Programme & Outline 2018 available!

The programme for the 35th EU PVSEC 2018 is published. With almost 1,000 high-level presentations from all over the world, the programme is offering both a world-class overview and in-depth insights to the latest research in the PV solar energy sector.

Conference Programme 2018 Online:

See all sessions, the detailed presentations, speaker's CVs and photos, and create your own agenda for the event.

Download the Conference Programme 2018:

Download the detailed presentations, as well as the overall time schedule for the week as PDF.


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EU PVSEC continues to be the world’s largest scientific Conference on Solar Energy

The 33rd edition from 25 to 29 September in Amsterdam attracted 2,516 participants to the industry exhibition and conference. Solar experts from 65 countries made 1,107 presentations.

Some of the highlights in the field of cell and module technology presented by international solar researchers from science and industry at EU PVSEC include:

  • ISFH and NREL showed ways to overcome the theoretical limit for single junction crystalline cells of 29% by moving to two junction cells – with a silicon base and a III-V top cell. The joint European-US research group reached 31.1%
  • Kaneka from Japan improved the world record for crystalline silicon solar cells to 26.7%
  • Fraunhofer ISE from Germany reported a 22.3 % world-record efficiency for multi-crystalline silicon solar cell technology, which has been the workhorse of the solar industry for many years
  • Trina Solar from China showed a 24.1% screen-printed back-contact IBC silicon solar cell
  • Several thin-film companies improved efficiencies for CIGS cell technology – Solar Frontier showed a 19.8% mini-module, Avancis demonstrated 18.2 % on 30 x 30 cm for CIGS and Solibro showed a “17% Total Area Efficiency at Commercial Size CIGS Module”
  • Toyota from Japan presented innovative solar modules for automotive applications
  • Dutch architecture firm Unstudio and the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) reported aesthetic solar module solutions for building integration

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