Sneak peek of the second plenary session

"Industry and Applications: PV Going Everywhere"

On the morning of Wednesday, 10th September we will have the second of the three Plenary sessions of the 2021 EUPVSEC. Our first plenary session on the opening day of the conference gives a detailed overview of the device level, in particular pushing efficiency Limits and broadening the technology portfolio. The third plenary session on the final day looks at questions of sustainability and social acceptance as we move to large scale deployment. In this second plenary we cover a range of crucial elements bridging the device and terawatt scales.

In the first talk Henry Snaith of the University of Oxford, UK will explain the challenges faced in bringing Perovskite tandem devices to the market and their prospects. As single junction silicon reaches the limits of efficiency, tandem devices are widely seen as a near future route to increased performance and cost. Ulrike Jahn of VDE Renewables, Germany, and Becquerel Prize Winner 2021, will then provide a detailed overview of a range of critical questions faced by all technologies - quality, durability and integration in different environments and applications. The focus of the talk will be how to stimulate innovation. Peter Hacke of NREL, USA will then explain how inverters play a pivotal role in the PV value chain. These important elements are sometimes overlooked, and we will look at the many innovations in the field of power electronics. Finally, Alessandra Scognamiglio of ENEA, Italy will take us on a journey through a range of applications: from building to landscape integrated Photovoltaics, with a focus on Agrivoltaics, which promises dual use of valuable agricultural land, enabling both energy and food production in parallel.

robertkennyI am sure that you will find this eclectic session highly stimulating and informative, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Dr. Robert Kenny
European Commission Joint Research Centre
EU PVSEC Technical Programme Chair