36th EU PVSEC, 09 - 13 September 2019
Marseille Chanot Convention and Exhibition Centre, Marseille, France

Awards for the best Visual Presentations 2016

As one of the highlights of the Closing Session the most outstanding Visual Presentations of each Conference Subject have been awarded. A jury of experts judged the quality of the contents reported and the quality of the presentation.

EU PVSEC Poster Awards Winners 2016 - Congratulations!

On the occasion of the EU PVSEC 2016, 20 - 24 June 2016, in Munich, Germany, the following outstanding scientific posters were deemed to be an exemplary contribution.

Improvement of Short Circuit Current of Single Junction Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells by Incorporating Nanoparticle as Back Reflector
S. Mandal, S. Dhar & A.K. Barua
  2016 PosterAward 1 1BV.6.29
Silicon Production by Centrifuge CVD Reactor on the Way to Industrial Verification
W.O. Filtvedt, H. Klette, S. Sørensen & J. Filtvedt
  2016 PosterAward 2 2DV.3.7
23% Metal Wrap through Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells - A Simple Technology Integrating High Performance Cell and Module Technologies
G. Coletti, Y. Wu, E.E. Bende, G.J.M. Janssen, B.B. Van Aken, F. Ishimura, K. Hashimoto & Y. Watabe
  2016 PosterAward 3 2AV.2.18
Subbandgap Absorption Spectroscopy of Thin Film Photovoltaic Materials
J. Holovsky & A. Purkrt, M. Stuckelberger, M. Bertoni, T. Finsterle, L. Musálek, V. Benda, & F.-J. Haug
  2016 PosterAward 4 3DV.1.14
High Performance GaAs Solar Cell Using Heterojunction Emitter and Its Further Improvement by ELO Technique
S. Kim, S.-T. Hwang, W. Yoon & H.-M. Lee
  2016 PosterAward 5 4CV.1.27
Quantitative Luminescence Analysis of Solar Modules in Full Daylight
Y. Augarten, A. Wrigley, A. Gerber, B. Pieters & U. Rau
  2016 PosterAward 6 5BV.1.17
A Methodology for Assessing Field Performance of Flexible PV Modules Based on Thermal Cycling Test Results
K. Hardikar & B. Liu
  2016 PosterAward 7 5BV.4.31
Design and Cost Optimization of Small-Scale PV-Powered Reverse Osmosis Desalination (Case Study)
S. Hajji Masen, N. Mbodji & A. Hajji
  2016 PosterAward 8 6AV.6.9
Development of Innovative Educational Material for Building Integrated Photovoltaics – Dem4BiPV
W. van Sark, A. Louwen, G. Georghiou, G. Makrides, E. Loucaidou, M. Ioannidou, H. Fechner, M. Tabakovic, I. Weiss, S. Arancón & S. Betz
  2016 PosterAward 9 7DV.4.44
Australian PV System Market Analysis for the Powerwall
S. Rodrigues, R. Torabikalaki, F. Faria, H. Geirinhas Ramos & F. Morgado-Dias
  2016 PosterAward 10 7DV.4.50

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Considered as one of the main features of the Conference the most outstanding visual presentations will be awarded. The award giving procedures are based on the quality of the contents reported and on the quality of the presentation.