36th EU PVSEC, 09 - 13 September 2019
Marseille Chanot Convention and Exhibition Centre, Marseille, France

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jointly with ETIP-PV, Becquerel Institute and SOLARUNITED

Day: Wednesday, 26 September 2018
Time: 13:30 – 18:30
Site: Audit. Hall 400, Level 4
Access: Open to all Conference participants (on days registered)

Dedicated to Innovations in PV Manufacturing, from Polysilicon to Innovative Moduling

  • Mass Manufacturing of Future PV Products with High Quality
  • Local and Global Manufacturing Trends
  • Manufacturing in Europe: A New Hope



13:30 – 15:00
SESSION 5 – Mass Manufacturing of Future PV Products with High Quality | Panel Discussion
Chaired by: Harry Wirth (Fraunhofer-ISE)
Keynotes: Richard Moreth (Vitronic)
Panelists: Delfina Munoz (CEA-INES), Laura Azpilicueta (RECOM), Laurent Kroely (Jonas & Redmann), Ulrike Jahn (TUV Rheinland), William Chen (Aleo)
The PV module is dead, long life to the PV module. Diversification of the market and different technologies could affect the market in the coming years. But how to manufacture these new products? What is necessary today to manufacture profitably PV components? From manufacturing size to throughput, how could a higher quality be achieved? This session will be chaired by the ETIP-PV Quality committee.

SESSION 6 – Local and Global Manufacturing Trends
Chaired by Nabih Cherradi (Desert Technologies)
Keynote: David Feldman (NREL)
Speakers: Fabrizio Bizzarri (ENEL Green Power), Frank Niendorf (Jinko Solar), Jac Hanssen (Innolane)
Trade conflicts are popping up faster than expected and this impacts the PV value chain in unexpected ways. The question of local manufacturing becomes essential again, but for which part of the value chain and at which cost? In an internationally diversified value chain, which are the business models that will develop in the coming years?

16:45 – 18:00
SESSION 7 – Manufacturing in Europe: a New Hope
Chaired by Gaëtan Masson (Becquerel Institute)
Speakers: Andreas Bett (Fraunhofer-ISE), Julius Denafas (Solitek), Milan Nitzschke (ProSun), Oliver Beckel (Hanwha Q CELLS), Peter Wohlfart (Singulus)
Announcements for new products are popping up in Europe in all segments of the PV value chain. While some companies are managing a difficult international and European environment, how can European manufacturers benefit from new technologies to hit the market with competitive and innovative solutions?