36th EU PVSEC, 09 - 13 September 2019
Marseille Chanot Convention and Exhibition Centre, Marseille, France

Research meets Business – Solar Industry Forum

jointly with ETIP-PV, Becquerel Institute and SOLARUNITED

Day: Wednesday, 26 September 2018
Time: 08:30 – 12:10
Site: Audit. Hall 400, Level 4
Access: Open to all Conference participants (on days registered)

Dedicated to Manufacturing BIPV and Innovative Applications in the Built Environment

  • Innovative Materials for BIPV development
  • Challenges to mass production
  • Challenges to mass production – Panel Discussion
  • Innovations in manufacturing BIPV products


08:30 – 10:00
SESSION 3 – Innovative Materials for BIPV development
Chaired by Francesco Frontini (SUPSI)
Speakers: Johannes Eisenlohr (Fraunhofer-ISE), Peter Roethlisberger (Solaxess), Simon Boddaert (CSTB)
BIPV implies to consider building materials and to rethink how the end-products are conceived. This session will explore the challenges associated to BIPV development from a material point of view. Durability, quality, costs, energy pay back time and more will be discussed. From buildings to roads, new applications require rethinking how we build the components of the future.

10:00 – 10:30 – Coffee Break

10:30 – 12:00
SESSION 4 – Challenges to mass production and Innovations in manufacturing BIPV products | Panel Discussion
Chaired by Maider Marchado Garcia (Tecnalia)
Keynote: Peter Wohlfart (Singulus)
Panellists: Bernhard Dimmler (NICE), Eszther Voroshazy (imec), Jörg Palm (Avancis), Max Mittag (Fraunhofer-ISE), Rutger Schlatmann (Helmholtz), Stefan Dewallef (Soltech)
The BIPV industry experiences the cost constraints that PV encountered before 2006: small quantities, higher prices, and challenges to mass production. How can BIPV reach the next level in terms of manufactured quantities? How to adapt the one-fits-all concepts of PV production to the need for flexibility that BIPV requires? How could PV equipment manufacturers play a major role in that development? These are the subjects that will be addressed in this session. The first part will address directly the challenges to mass production directly while the second part will highlight recent innovations in manufacturing BIPV products.

12:00 – 13:30 Lunch Break