35th EU PVSEC, 24 - 28 September 2018
SQUARE - Brussels Meeting Centre, Brussels, Belgium

New and Emerging PV Applications

prepared by the International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA PVPS) – IEA PVPS Task 1 in cooperation with IRENA

Day: Monday, 25 September 2017
Time: 13:30 - 17:30
Site: Auditorium G106, First Floor
Access: Open to all registered participants

Costs of solar electricity have fallen so rapidly that new markets, applications and business models are being unlocked faster than is generally realised. The emergence of new applications which have not been on the market development radar before now is offering exciting opportunities to expand the deployment of solar PV.

This event will first discuss the rapid PV market and cost developments in the global and European PV sector, before moving on to highlight the possibilities new and disruptive applications that PV will offer in the years to come.

Comparing PV applications development with the internet development, there might be parallels in how fast new applications might develop, especially with the digitisation of the electricity sector about to start in earnest. Could we see similar developments to what happened after only 10 years of broad use of the internet? Ten years ago, today’s highflyers such as Google, Facebook, Twitter were just getting started and many others have acquired a dimension that no incumbent player was able to reach. And technological advances are providing rapid positive feedback loops: smartphones unlocked new business models like UBER, while in mobile money in Africa has made pay-as-you-go solar home systems affordable. In the same way, how will cheap PV unlock distributed energy applications and change the face of the energy system? Low cost batteries might be one of the catalysers for these new applications with direct use of solar electricity consumption increasing. And PV roads could pave the way for a diverse future. In a nutshell, PV-powered buildings, cars, farm applications, water-pumping applications, roads and much more could be the future of energy consumption creating a radically different electricity sector landscape, with significant economic, social and environmental benefits.


Detailed Programme

13:30    Welcome Speech & the Role of the IEA PVPS Program
Stefan Nowak, IEA-PVPS Chairman

Session 1 – Costs and Market development – the beginning of a major growth era?

Key note and moderator:
Cost evolution of PV and renewable energies
IRENA – Michael Taylor

Electricity system transition cost scenario matching the Paris Agreement in global-local view
LUT – Christian Breyer

Market Development in Emerging Countries
CWC - Chris Werner (invited)

Asia as the Center of the PV World
RTS Corporation - Izumi Kaizuka

Battery Storage Costs and Impact on PV Competitiveness
Fortum - Eero Vartianen

15:00    Coffee-Break

15:30    Session 2 – New and emerging PV-driven applications

PV is expected to revolutionize several aspects of our daily lives. The whole new building controls which develop with sensors everywhere which need to be powered from time to time. Surplus production at noon has to be used: when the produced energy at a certain time of the day is almost for free some kids in the Silicon Valley may develop ideas what to do with free solar energy.

Moderator: Gaëtan Masson – IEA-PVPS

PV in buildings, H&C management in smart buildings
NovaEnergie - Pius Hüsser

Collective self-consumption
ENAMO – Aurélien Bertin

Electrifying African Cities with PV and storage
François Neu - Enerdeal

Innovative PV Applications
Angele Reinders – UT

17.00h    Closing Speech
Stefan Nowak, IEA-PVPS Chairman, Net Energy

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