Press Release 09 March 2015

Dr.- Ing. Stefan Rinck is Conference General Chairman of the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition 2015 in Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Rinck: "We need to take PV to the next level in terms of cost-effective, integrated electricity supply solutions.  Europe has cutting-edge R&D and we can leverage this with industry to achieve a significant future market share in PV products."

Munich, March 09,  2015 –The 31st European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition  (EU PVSEC 2015) taking place from 14 – 18 September 2015 at the CCH (Congress Centre Hamburg), Hamburg, Germany, will be chaired by Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rinck, Chief Executive Officer of SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG. Stefan Rinck is also a member of the Main Executive Board of the German Engineering Association (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau - VDMA) and Chairman of the Committee for Research and Innovation of the VDMA. The five-day Conference is complemented by the three-day Exhibition, held from 15 – 17 September 2015.

Press Release 20 November 2014

EU PVSEC is Cooperating Partner of the 6th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, Kyoto, Japan, 23-27 Nov.’14

As Cooperating Partner, EU PVSEC Shares Latest Solar Breakthroughs

Munich, November 20, 2014 – Continuing its tradition of sharing knowledge and experience with similar-minded organisations in the common goal of advancing solar technologies, the EU PVSEC is cooperating partner at the 6th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC-6). The WCPEC-6 takes place from 23 – 27 November 2014 in Kyoto, Japan, combines the strengths of the 24th Asia/Pacific International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC), the 30th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC), and the American 41st IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (IEEE PVSC).

Press Release 26 September 2014

The European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition 2014 Confirms the Future of PV as a Major Electricity Source

  • 2 % of global electricity supply will come from PV in 2019, 16 % global electricity expected by 2050

  • The EU PVSEC 2015 to take place at the CCH in Hamburg, Germany

Amsterdam, 26 September, 2014 – The 29th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC 2014) closed its doors on Friday, 26 September. The global PV community gathered in Amsterdam, to conduct business, to network and to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations in Photovoltaics. 48 % of the participants at the EU PVSEC 2014 had been represented by R & D specialists and 38 % from the segment industry and engineering. About 6 % of the participants came from the segment system integration and energy supply. 3,000 PV professionals from 76 countries attended the Conference Programme, covering the entire scope of PV technologies and applications. During the EU PVSEC exhibitors along the PV value chain presented the latest products and services. The EU PVSEC 2014 highlighted the impact that the growth of PV will have on our overall energy system.