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13 July 2020 - EU PVSEC 2020 Plenary Overview - Monday Session

Dear PV professional,

Are you wondering about the highlights of this year’s plenary sessions?

We are here to give you a preview of the plenaries scheduled for the EU PVSEC 2020 online.

First of all, we have a novelty this year: Rather than reflecting each our seven conference topics in its own plenary session, we have grouped keynotes, invited overview presentations and striking news in three plenary events. They are titled:


With this structure, we are moving from the traditional compartments of device materials, components and systems, and deployment to favour today’s drivers for PV: Research & Innovation, Enterprises and Industry, and the change to a carbon-free energy system.

We wish to attract audiences from all topics who want to become informed by the top experts on current issues and trends. We invite you to invest time to follow them all - even though it may not be your field of expertise - as the presentations will be comprehensive but tailored to the non-specialist in each field.

Curious now?

Ok, here is what the first plenary (INNOVATIONS IN PV TECHNOLOGIES) on the Monday of the conference week will bring to you.


It is traditionally also the very first event of our conference, and the first time we will have a Student presentation in this prestigious setting: The talk “The Race for the Best Silicon Bottom Cell: Efficiency and Cost Evaluation of Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells” [AP1.2] will be given by the finalist of our Student Award competition. We want to give a signal for our younger scientists and to recognise them for driving PV research forward.

The author will illustrate the current attempts to use Perovskite materials - as such already a candidate for high efficiencies - as a top layer on crystalline Silicon Solar Cells. He will assess different ways to combine these materials and to optimise them for low cost at high efficiency. You will understand why he has put the word “race” in the title.

For a wider overview about what Perovskite materials can accomplish today, in terms of manufacturing, materials selection, lifetime and performance, you need to follow the first plenary “State of the Art in Perovskite Photovoltaics” [AP1.1] given by a scientist who has helped to get this technology out of the cradle. It is a “State of the Art” overview presentation, and you will learn all you need to know about Perovskites today.

What follows is a talk about “Intermediate Band Solar Cells: Present and Future” [AP1.3]. The authors say that two decades of research and development have led to a maturity sufficient to tackle now the next steps. Intermediate bandgap solar cells can capture more of the infrared portion of sunlight without much costly effort. This presentation highlights how rich in innovation current developments are.

And as the final highlight of this plenary session you can also listen to an exciting presentation on solar cells made from organic materials, titled “High Performance Organic Photovoltaics” [AP1.4]. It is a challenge to get through all the functional materials, manufacturing methods and performance of organic cells, but we are sure the presenter will surprise you with a memorable and striking overview.

As it is the case for all our live sessions, you can pose written questions directly whilst the presentation is live. The session chairs will moderate questions and direct them to the presenters after each talk for live and immediate responses. We also foresee some time at the end of the session for more generic questions about INNOVATION IN PV TECHNOLOGY.

That sounds fascinating to you?
Join us at the EU PVSEC 2020 and be part of a global PV community.

Overview about the plenary session by
Dr. Heinz Ossenbrink, Member of the Executive Committee.