Frequently Asked Questions


Why will the EU PVSEC 2021 be held online?

After evaluating all options we have decided to follow the successful and well-proven concept of 2020 and run the event completely virtual again, allowing all international participants to be part of the EU PVSEC despite ongoing global travel restrictions. It is important to us that everyone is able to participate while feeling safe and secure.


How do I submit an abstract?

Use the “Online Abstract Submission Tool” in the User Area for easy and fast submission of your abstracts.


Is it possible to submit more than one abstract?

Yes, you can submit multiple abstracts via the “Online Submission Tool” in the User Area.


Is there a template for abstracts?

We keep the format flexible, just make sure to follow the Abstract Submission Guidelines step by step.


Do I need to register for the Conference as a presenter/author?

Presenters and authors have to register for the Conference and pay the respective conference registration fee. Please note that acceptance of your abstract for presentation in the Conference Programme, does not automatically register you for the Conference.



Scientific Journal Publications:


What is new this year?

The EU PVSEC aims to substantially increase the number of conference papers that may be put forward for publication in peer-reviewed journals. On top of our longstanding collaboration with Progress in Photovoltaics, we also offer the possibility to publish a selection of our submissions in Solar Rapid Research Letters and EPJ Photovoltaics. Through these different offerings, the EU PVSEC intends to not only increase the number of high-quality peer reviewed papers coming out of the conference, but also expand the breadth of scope and offer a range of publication options, including high impact factor journals and Open Access possibilities in different modalities.

Publication, if the paper is accepted after evaluation, will be in addition to the publication in the Conference Proceedings of the EU PVSEC 2021.


Where can I find an overview of the features of the 3 journals?

You can find it here: Cooperation with Publishing Journals


How is the selection process?

The process is as follows: The Scientific Committee will select around 100 abstracts in total that will be invited to submit a full paper to be peer reviewed for possible publication by a journal. The peer review process of selected papers will be done independently by the journal, and publication, if the paper is accepted after evaluation, will be in addition to the publication in the Conference Proceedings of the EU PVSEC 2021. Published papers include a note to indicate that results were presented at EU PVSEC.


Can I apply for several Scientific Journal Publications when submitting my abstract?

Yes, you may select one, several, or all in the user area to signal that you have no preferences, and to increase your chances to be selected.


Does it mean that my preference of a Journal in the abstract submission process implies automatically that it will be selected for publication?

Your preference will be taken into account during the evaluation process but cannot be guaranteed.