Maintaining Momentum

R Kenny2019

In 2020 the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference will be held in the week of 7-11 September. We invite workers in all fields concerned with photovoltaic energy generation to submit abstracts within the 7th February 2020 deadline. The EU PVSEC continues to be the leading platform for the global PV community to meet and discuss new ideas and concepts. The conference maintains at its heart the sharing and development of technical knowledge regarding PV materials, cells and systems. It also sees as essential the dissemination of work that helps ensure rapidly increasing quantities of renewable energy, especially that generated by PV, can be integrated into the current and future energy network.

The topic and subtopic contents from the 36th edition of the conference have been largely maintained. Nevertheless, we invite all authors to carefully read the topic descriptions, and select the one which most closely matches the key novelty of their work. The subtopic descriptions are brief and non-exhaustive, while at the same time self-explanatory so that locating the correct area is straightforward - if in doubt, please also refer to the online explanatory text for further details.

It goes without saying that the EU PVSEC will continue to showcase the most recent developments in concepts, materials and applications, including silicon, perovskite, thin film, organic and tandem devices. In the topic of crystalline Si cells, a change has been made in the cell subtopics 2.2 and 2.3, aiming to better identify the different processing routes. Subtopic 6.2 has been renamed Industrial Applications of PV to clarify the target application fields. Advances in storage and grid integration are essential for the continued expansion of renewable energy and are the subject of their own subtopic, respectively 5.4 and 6.3.

The opportunity to share your work with and learn from a large gathering of your fellow experts over a broad range of topics critical to the future energy system is unique to the EU PVSEC. Your contribution will ensure the highest quality programme and we warmly invite you to submit your abstract to the review process and come and join us.

Dr. Robert Kenny
European Commission Joint Research Centre
EU PVSEC Technical Programme Chair