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EU PVSEC Conference Proceedings – Worldwide Source of Reference
Facts & Figures – EU PVSEC 2016 in numbers
Conference Highlights
Congratulations to the Poster Award Winners 2016
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EU PVSEC Conference Proceedings – Worldwide Source of Reference

Proceedings of the EU PVSEC 2016 published

The EU PVSEC 2016 Conference Proceedings have been published and are now available for download. This allows the entire PV community to easily access this comprehensive database for PV research and technology, renowned for the high standard of its contributions.

With 1,009 documents on more than 5,000 pages, the Proceedings of the EU PVSEC 2016 constitute the most up-to-date compendium on Photovoltaic research, technologies and applications. The Proceedings represent the vital point of reference for researchers, technologists, decision-makers, entrepreneurs and all involved in the global PV sector.

The EU PVSEC Proceedings are considered the annual worldwide source of state-of-the-art information on global PV science and technologies.

EU PVSEC Conference participants benefit from an immediate online access to all published papers without extra costs. For more information and to download single papers or the full EU PVSEC Conference Proceedings visit :

Facts & Figures – EU PVSEC 2016 in numbers

The EU PVSEC 2016 took place from 20 – 24 June 2016 at the ICM – International Congress Center Munich, Germany. It was an incredibly intensive week, packed with news on the latest in solar R&D and inspiring conversations. The global solar research community came to Munich, keeping EU PVSEC the leading PV science and technology conference in the world. Thanks to all the speakers, participants, chairpersons and committee members that contributed to the success of this year’s event.

EU PVSEC 2016 in numbers:

  • 1742 Participants from
  • 73 Countries around the world, thereof
  • 26 EU Countries represented, equivalent to 58% of all EU PVSEC participants
  • 1053 Key note, Plenary, Oral and Visual presentations
  • 70 further presentations at
  • 6 Parallel Events

  • 5851 Authors and Co-authors from
  • 90 countries involved in the preparation of submitted abstracts for presentation

Conference Highlights

EU PVSEC 2016 Highlights that were presented on the occasion of the Closing of the event by the EU PVSEC Technical Programme Chair, Dr. Nigel Taylor, European Commission, Joint Research Center, obviously only could provide a glimpse of the great work that was presented during the conference week. Efficiency records naturally stand out, including:

  • Hanwha Q Cells’ announcement of a 60-cell module reaching a world-record 19.5% (aperture) module efficiency, using its half-size polycrystalline Q.antum cells.
  • In the talk ‘Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells in Meyer Burger’s Demo Line: Results of a Pilot Production of Mass Production Tools’, a 23.3% record cell was shown as well as a process batch of over 40,000 bifacial busbar-less cells, resulting in average efficiencies of 22.54%.
  • Avancis from Germany presented a 17.9% CIGS thin-film module.
  • And as cell efficiencies for perovskites dramatically increased in recent years, now researchers have shown also crucial improvements for modules. While IMEC from Belgium presented a 14.2% (16cm2) mini-module, a research group, lead by TNO in Holland, discussed ways ‘Towards Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Perovskite Based PV Modules.’
  • Improvements in high-efficiency concentrators have lead to a CPV submodule of 40.6%, while 1-sun mini-modules reached 34.5%, according to a paper from researchers at UNSW in Australia and Trina Solar.

Congratulations to the Poster Award Winners 2016

On the occasion of the EU PVSEC 2016 the following outstanding scientific posters were deemed to be an exemplary contribution:

Improvement of Short Circuit Current of Single Junction Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells by Incorporating Nanoparticle as Back Reflector

S. Mandal, S. Dhar & A.K. Barua

Silicon Production by Centrifuge CVD Reactor on the Way to Industrial Verification

W.O. Filtvedt, H. Klette, S. Sørensen & J. Filtvedt

23% Metal Wrap through Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells - A Simple Technology Integrating High Performance Cell and Module Technologies

G. Coletti, Y. Wu, E.E. Bende, G.J.M. Janssen, B.B. Van Aken, F. Ishimura, K. Hashimoto & Y. Watabe

Subbandgap Absorption Spectroscopy of Thin Film Photovoltaic Materials

J. Holovsky & A. Purkrt, M. Stuckelberger, M. Bertoni, T. Finsterle, L. Musálek, V. Benda, & F.-J. Haug

High Performance GaAs Solar Cell Using Heterojunction Emitter and Its Further Improvement by ELO Technique

S. Kim, S.-T. Hwang, W. Yoon & H.-M. Lee

Quantitative Luminescence Analysis of Solar Modules in Full Daylight

Y. Augarten, A. Wrigley, A. Gerber, B. Pieters & U. Rau

A Methodology for Assessing Field Performance of Flexible PV Modules Based on Thermal Cycling Test Results

K. Hardikar & B. Liu

Design and Cost Optimization of Small-Scale PV-Powered Reverse Osmosis Desalination (Case Study)

S. Hajji Masen, N. Mbodji & A. Hajji

Development of Innovative Educational Material for Building Integrated Photovoltaics – Dem4BiPV

W. van Sark, A. Louwen, G. Georghiou, G. Makrides, E. Loucaidou, M. Ioannidou, H. Fechner, M. Tabakovic, I. Weiss, S. Arancón & S. Betz

Australian PV System Market Analysis for the Powerwall

S. Rodrigues, R. Torabikalaki, F. Faria, H. Geirinhas Ramos & F. Morgado-Dias


During EU PVSEC, news platform has interviewed leading actors in the solar sector. In this edition, we provide you first interviews with:

Paolo Frankl, Head of Renewables at the International Energy Agency (IEA), provides his views on opportunities and challenges for solar to thrive in Europe and beyond.

Claude Turmes, Member of the European Parliament and one of the biggest proponents of renewables in Europe, analyzes today’s policy and market environment for solar in Europe.


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