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EU PVSEC 2016 Plenaries – Your fast-track to what's hot in photovoltaics R&D
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EU PVSEC 2016 Plenaries – Your fast-track to what's hot in photovoltaics R&D

The EU PVSEC Scientific Committee has selected 1,145 presentations, amongst those 307 orals, 21 plenaries and keynotes and 817 visual presentations for this year's programme. For each of the plenaries and keynotes, we ask the presenters to introduce their theme for non-experts in the specific field, as well presenting their contribution to the state-of-the-art and beyond. To give a flavor of this year's programme,the plenary sessions are as follows:

Monday 20 June 8:30-9:30: the theme is new materials and concepts, with talks on record efficiency cells and on innovative back-contact concepts.

Tuesday 21 June 10:30-12:00: the theme is wafer-based silicon technology, with talks on record-efficiency modules, on new fluidised bed systems for silicon production, calcium contacts for n-type cells, and on how cell architecture impacts temperature dependency.

Wednesday 22 June, 9:50-12:10: a double session on thin film devices together with concentrators and space applications. Talks include latest developments from manufacturing to modules to systems for silicon epi-foils, CIGS and CdTe.

Thursday 23 June, a double session covering operation and sustainability, as well as PV integration. Topics include: identification of technical risks, update on degradation rates for modules, bifacial energy yield models, PV and battery system performance and on getting the balance right for PV building integration

Friday 24 June, 10:30-11:30: the final session theme is economics, markets and policies, with talks on EU PV competiveness, on financing and PV-wind synergies in the market.

In all plenaries we plan time for Q&A, so it’s also a great chance to raise critical issues.

Looking forward to seeing you in Munich!

Dr. Nigel Taylor

European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre

EU PVSEC Technical Programme Chair

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