A thank you to the PV community
Highlights der EU PVSEC 2020 online
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A thank you to the PV community

The 37th European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition has come to an end and the first ever online edition was a big success. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all speakers, chairpersons, authors and co-authors, committees and participants. Without your hard work and your contribution to the PV sector we would not have been able to make this event happen.

It was also a challenging time for us as organisers. Started as an on-site event, we had to make an important decision due to the global pandemic: Cancelling the EU PVSEC 2020 or transforming it into a fully online event. It was clear to us that the exchange of new developments and applications in the PV sector and the contact between researchers and industry is too important to be cancelled. That is why we have put a lot of time and effort into the creation of a platform for the PV community that fosters important international exchange. It is rewarding to see that our contribution was worthwhile and that the conference was so well received and attended by the PV community.

Highlights der EU PVSEC 2020 online

The EU PVSEC 2020 comprised a vast scope of different PV topics. We have learned about advances ranging from solar cells in a range of technologies to applications and economics.

Wafer-based silicon cells, the workhorse of the PV industry, continue to improve in manufacturing and efficiency, e.g. PERX, TOPCon, SHJ, Bifacial. From a European perspective it was a boost to hear of the 25% efficiency European record SHJ cell. A very comprehensive overview of OPV indicated the clear progress being made, and records in OPV efficiency were announced. Perovskites continue to progress, also as an element of tandem devices. There is also more attention to encapsulate perovskite cells and modules, allowing the field to move towards testing efficient devices under outdoor conditions.

It comes as no surprise that Prof. Henry Snaith of Oxford University was awarded the Becquerel Prize for his outstanding research with perovskites. He is aiming to start to production of his perovskite-silicon tandem cells by 2021.

As systems get larger, autonomous monitoring of PV Systems, for example using UAVs, is essential. The introduction of digital tools such as AI and Machine Learning is helping to improve forecasting and system monitoring These help achieve higher energy production yields and reduced costs for operation and maintenance.

The benefits of a range of applications, including BIPV, Agro-PV and VIPV and Power to X have been successfully demonstrated. The importance of storage to integrate increasing penetration of renewables in the energy system has been underscored.

Finally, we heard that only PV can deliver enough power to decarbonize, a message that will encourage all workers in the field to keep striving to maintain the momentum.

Successful online event

We have to admit that, we too, were initially a little disappointed not to connect personally and make new contacts this year. But despite concerns about a virtual event, the EU PVSEC 2020 online was a huge success and numbers are here to prove it: With over 850 live presentations across 5 days, we connected 1.500 participants form 65 countries virtually. The opening session was streamed live on Youtube and caught the attention of over 3000 viewers. And as a positive side-effect, we made a contribution to our environment by not having to travel. The digital era shows us, that, if we work together and support each other, we can connect everywhere.

Watch the Opening on youtube:

  • Part I Scientific Opening / Plenary Session AP.1 Innovations in Photovoltaics / Becquerel Prize Ceremony
  • Part II Opening Addresses
  • Part III Moderated Panel Discussion, Topic: "The role of PV in the Green Deal and the EU Recovery Package - Perspectives and chances for a sustainable future?"

Sessions available for streaming

With the abundance of sessions, it was difficult to follow all presentations during the event week. Luckily, we got your back. All conference sessions, as well as parallel events will be available for streaming on demand for one full month after the event. The networking lounges are still open, and you can download the updated magazines from our media partners.

So… get comfy at work or at home, and watch all presentations at your own pace!

Lisbon 2021

We are happy to announce that the 38th edition of the European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition will be held from 6 – 10 September 2021 in Lisbon, Portugal.

After this year’s virtual exchange, if circumstances permit, we look very much forward to seeing you all in person next year!

On our own behalf

Change in Management Board at WIP Renewable Energies

At WIP Renewable Energies there is a shift in the management. Managing Director WIP, Dr. Peter Helm, partner and founder of WIP Renewable Energies, is appointing Jonas Bergmiller as the Managing Director for the Events department. This additional position follows the strategy to ensure a further future-oriented organisation. After over 50 years of successful operational work within WIP Dr. Peter Helm will now chair WIP’s newly created advisory board and additionally, together with Jonas Bergmiller, focus on the preparation of the upcoming EU PVSEC events.


New foundation for management team

"We are placing the management of our company on a solid foundation", says Dr. Peter Helm. As Managing Director Events, Jonas Bergmiller will form the counterpart to Dr. Rainer Janssen, who already heads WIP`s research and project department.

"With the successful transformation of the EU PVSEC into an online event, we have shown that we can also go digital. This was an important step for the future, as we want to create further offers for knowledge transfer for the PV community," says Jonas Bergmiller.

WIP Renewable Energies has over 30 years of experience in event organization. This includes the conception, pre-financing, preparation, organisation and management of high level and large-scale on-line and on-site international conferences, workshops, seminars in the field of Renewable Energies.


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18 September 2020

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