The Becquerel Prize 2019 is awarded to...
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The Becquerel Prize 2019 is awarded to...

Congratulations to the Becquerel Prize Winner 2019:

  Dr. Pierre Verlinden

Consultant, Non-Executive Director to PV companies, Visiting Professor at Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou).

He receives the award in honour of his scientific and technological merits in the development of high-efficiency photovoltaics. The decision of the Becquerel Committee is based on the outstanding work of Dr. Verlinden on the design of high-efficiency solar cells, modules and systems including back contact and rear side passivated silicon solar cells.

European Becquerel Prize for Outstanding Merits in Photovoltaics

The European Becquerel Prize for Outstanding Merits in Photovoltaics is being awarded on the occasion of the EU PVSEC Conference. This prize was established by the European Commission in 1989 to mark the 150th anniversary of Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel’s discovery of the photovoltaic effect in 1839, which laid the foundation of both, photovoltaics and photography.

Technical Tours

As you are already making the trip to Marseille, we would like to ensure that you get the best experience out of EU PVSEC. For this reason we have organised exclusive guided technical tours to visit and discuss interesting and forward thinking PV installations on Friday afternoon.

1. PV module recycling, by PV Cycle and Veolia

This is the first treatment unit dedicated to recycling end-of-life silicon photovoltaic panels, created through a partnership between Veolia and PV CYCLE France. The treatment unit separates the different fraction in order to develop a more circular economy

2. Floating PV and agrivoltaics, by Akuo and Sun’R

Akuo, the leading French independent power producer in renewable energy, operates O’MEGA1 on a water surface of 50Ha at a former quarry in Piolenc (Vaucluse, southeast France). O’MEGA1 is the first floating solar plant in France and the most powerful in Europe.

Exhibition Visitor Registration

Your EU PVSEC organiser team strongly encourages you to pre-register online to get your free ticket and ensure the smoothest tradeshow experience in Marseille in September!

If you are planning your visit or think about participating at EU PVSEC 2019, pre-register online. Your ticket will immediately be issued, please print it off to allow for smooth access to the exhibition. Don’t forget to have a look at all other ticketing options for you to join exclusive networking events or relevant conference sessions.

We thank our EU PVSEC 2019 Media Partners


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