Preview on Topic 5 “PV Systems”
First Details on Technical Tours
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Preview on Topic 5 “PV Systems”

Before our Early Bird Offer ends on Sunday, let us continue to present the highlights and best moments at EU PVSEC – today’s preview looks at presentations of Topic 5 “PV Systems”.

Under this title a wide range of subtopics will be presented such as designing, modelling and operation of PV systems as well as their performance and maintenance. There are also sub-topics on forecasting and system failure studies but this year a special focus is given to storage of PV energy. As costs of PV electricity continue to fall, storage gains in importance which not only allows for smoother grid integration but also for modelling and designing grids with a very high share of PV electricity, including seasonal storage. Any 100% renewable energy scenario depends on efficient storage technology.

Our chairperson, Dr. Florence LAMBERT of CEA Liten will deliver a keynote presentation of the PV system topic giving a comprehensive overview of the “Current status of battery energy storage” (5DP.2.1). Dr. Lambert will certainly explain several technologies in the race for electricity storage. One for instance is featured in the oral presentation titled “Demonstration of a Novel HBr-Flow Battery for Grid Integration of PV” (5CO.14.3), where you will learn about the advantages of a commercially available battery system with a chemistry beyond the mainstream lithium-ion flavour.

First Details on Technical Tours

PV Recycling Plant – Veolia

This site is dedicated to recycling end-of-life photovoltaic panels, separating and isolating all materials to redirect back to various industrial sectors. In 2019 more than 1,800 tons of materials will be processed.

Cité de l’Energie - CEA

The aim of this project launched by the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission is to combine research, technology transfer in the field of solar energy and biotechnologies as well as industry to advance the development of new energies.

Agri PV – Sun’R

Dynamic agrivoltaics is a production system combining, over one surface, a crop and photovoltaic solar panels. This technological innovation allows to improve farm production by modifying the climate over the plants as well as produce clean, renewable and competitive electricity. Agri PV meets the challenges of climate change that farmers currently face by durably solving issues of e.g. wine-growing, tree crops and undercover market gardening.

Floating PV – Akuo Energy

O’MEGA1 is the first floating solar plant in France and the most powerful in Europe with an output of 17MWc. Equipped with the latest generation of floating PV technologies and floating structures, the plant is deployed on 17 hectares of land.

We hope you will join one of these interesting technical tours on Friday afternoon.

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