Beautiful France – a Perfect Location for the Upcoming EU PVSEC for Many Reasons
EU PVSEC 2019 Call for Parallel Events
Faces behind the Programme
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Beautiful France – a Perfect Location for the Upcoming EU PVSEC for Many Reasons

This year, the 36th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) will be held from 9-13 September 2019 in Marseille, France. The country is not only one of Europe’s largest economies but also one of the continent’s most promising solar markets. France has a long tradition in solar manufacturing and is home to leading European solar scientists. It hosts energy and power companies that are major international solar developers with huge plans for their home country as well.

The solar market: The French government aims to install up to 45.5 GW of solar power by 2028. This means an addition of nearly 36 GW within 10 years or an average of 3.6 GW per year. This target was published in the recent draft of the French government’s ‘Programmation pluriannuelle de l’énergie’ or Multiannual Energy Programme (PPE). While France did not belong to the solar leaders in Europe in recent years, the country wants solar to play a much bigger role in its energy strategy in the coming years. As of this year until 2024, France plans to launch tenders for both ground-mounted as well as rooftop solar adding up to a total of 17.2 GW.

France aims to increase the share of renewable energy in its total electricity mix from 48.6 GW at the end of 2017 to 74 GW in 2023 and 102 to 113 GW by 2028. Solar is projected to contribute 20.6 GW by 2023 and expected to be the leader among all renewable energy technologies, reaching between 35.6 GW to 44.5 GW by 2028.

EU PVSEC 2019 Call for Parallel Events

You wish to organise a Parallel Event during the EU PVSEC 2019?

The EU PVSEC 2019 Parallel Events offer a deep insight into specific topics along the most recent PV technology, PV application and market trends and address to global decision makers from industry, research, finance and politics. The Parallel Events are open to all registered conference participants.

Faces behind the Programme

We are proud to introduce the EU PVSEC Topic Organisers who are all leading international experts in their fields from various academic backgrounds and reputable organisations.

Each submitted abstract is reviewed and evaluated according to the main selection criteria by 57 Topic Organisers from separate institutions.

During the official programme meeting held in Brussels in April they will finalise the programme for EU PVSEC 2019, based on the intense support of 174 Paper Reviewers over the past weeks. This guarantees an appropriate level of scientific merit and an innovative agenda including latest research findings and relevant experience from the PV industry.

This process is to ensure the highest possible levels of participants’ satisfaction.

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RENA Technologies

“THE WET PROCESSING COMPANY” RENA Technologies is one of the world's leading suppliers of production equipment for wet chemical surface treatment. RENA equipment is used to treat the surfaces of solar cells, semiconductor wafers, cannulas, optical substrates, dental implants and other high-tech products using wet chemicals or ultra-pure water with standardised machines and guaranteed processes or entirely customised equipment.


SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES builds machines for economical and resource-efficient production processes. SINGULUS’ strategy is based on the expansion of its existing core competencies. The application areas include coating, surface processing, wet-chemical as well as the related chemical and physical processing steps. The company’s target is to reach a technologically leading position in the Solar division. For all machines, processes and applications SINGULUS draws upon its know-how in the areas of automation and process technology.


VON ARDENNE develops and manufactures industrial equipment for vacuum coatings on materials such as glass, wafers, metal, and polymer films. Furthermore, we are the leading provider of coating systems for thin-film and crystalline photovoltaics.

If you are looking for coating equipment with a low cost of ownership for solar technologies such as HJT, PERC, perovskite or tandem cells, we can provide you with future-proof technology and equipment in all scales..

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