EU PVSEC Parallel Events: PV Technology Meets Policy & Industrial Applications
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EU PVSEC Parallel Events: PV Technology Meets Policy & Industrial Applications

Technology improvements are the base of solar power’s success story. But without the right policy frameworks and business models solar would not be where it is today. That’s why the EU PVSEC platform offers beyond its technology conference part also parallel events organised by major solar stakeholders that deal with various industry topics, financing, applications and deployment trends.

SolarPower Europe: High Level Industrial Forum – Industrial Strategy for the New Energy System: Solar and Storage

35th EU PVSEC 2018 will be held in the European Union’s centre – Brussels, where the EU institutions in June agreed on a 32% renewables target for 2030, much higher than the originally proposed 27%. Solar and storage will have to play key roles in achieving this target. The High Level Industrial Forum – Industrial Strategy for the New Energy System: Solar and Storage organised by SolarPower Europe will present the work of the European Commission and SolarPower Europe on creating a new industrial strategy for solar and storage in the EU.

IEA PVPS Task 1: Trends in PV Applications

Task 1 is the think tank of the International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Programme (IEA PVPS) that identifies and clarifies the evolutions of the PV market, and researches and analyses market and industry developments as well as support and R&D policies. The Trends in PV Applications parallel event will discuss the development of the PV market and the impact of policies on solar’s dissemination speed. How will policies continue to shape the global PV market – today and in the long run? This parallel event will discuss the challenges for solar developments in key markets – from China to the USA, from Spain to Japan.

IEA PVPS Task 17: PV for Transport Supports the Solar Mobility Forum

The Solar Mobility Forum will discuss barriers and solutions of using PV in the quickly growing electric mobility field. What will be PV’s role in clean transport in the coming years? Topics will be: E-mobility through solar energy – a step towards the energy revolution, manufacturing PV for transport, concrete examples.

The parallel event will be organised by the newly created IEA PVPS Task 17 on PV for Transport that has ‘the main goal to deploy PV usage in transport, which will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions of the sector and enhancing PV market expansion’.

IEA PVPS Task 15: Accelerating BIPV Development

Integration of PV in the Built Environment has the potential to become a major application field for solar power technology. IEA PVPS Task 15’s objective is to ‘create an enabling framework to accelerate the penetration of BIPV products in the global market of renewables, resulting in an equal playing field for BIPV products, BAPV products and regular building envelope components, respecting mandatory issues, aesthetic issues, reliability and financial issues’.

In 2018, Task 15 has published two reports – ‘Enabling Framework for the Acceleration of BIPV’ and ‘Inventory of Existing Business Models, Opportunities and Issues for BIPV.’ Based on the report findings, the parallel event will discuss the status of BIPV and what’s needed to drive the BIPV market in the coming years?

Research meets Business - Solar Industry Forum

Becquerel Institute and partners will organise the Research meets Business / Solar Industry Forum, which aims to bring together experts from the fields of solar technology and solar business. The parallel event will have 3 parts:

  • PV Manufacturing, Business Choices and Economics, which will discuss the state of the PV industry, circular economy initiatives and opportunities for cost reduction
  • Manufacturing BIPV and Innovative Applications in the Built Environment, which will discuss innovative material for BIPV development and challenges to mass production
  • Innovations in PV Manufacturing - from Polysilicon to Innovative Modules, which will look into future high-quality PV products, global and local manufacturing trends, also with regards to Europe


The 8th edition of the annual PHOTOVOLTAICS | FORMS | LANDSCAPES event at this year’s EU PVSEC addresses architects, landscape architects and other environmental designers/researcher to share their ideas on how to advance the realization of energy systems on the one hand while at the same time establishing aesthetic qualities in our daily living environment. The event is co-organised by ENEA - Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development and ETA-Florence Renewable Energies, with the support of Becquerel Institute and ULB-Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles.

Horizon 2020 Projects: Backing the European PV Industry

Initiated by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation and the EC’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), a parallel event will be held to introduce the current Horizon 2020 projects in the area of photovoltaics and EU-funded actions from material research to market development. The event will have a strong focus on how industrial project partners benefit from Horizon 2020 in the development of their activities.

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