EU PVSEC – Where the Latest in Science & Technology Meets Industry
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EU PVSEC – Where the Latest in Science & Technology Meets Industry

The advancements of solar scientists continue to be impressive, and so are the constant product innovations of solar companies – that’s why next to the EU PVSEC conference events we’ve been traditionally having an industry exhibition. At the 35th EU PVSEC 2018 in Brussels, Exhibition from 24 to 27 September, the scientific PV developments discussed in various conference sessions will be again complemented by solar companies and research institutes along the value chain offering their latest technical PV solutions.

It almost seems that increasing efficiency has never been higher on the agenda of the PV industry, which is evaluating and quickly putting into production various advanced cell architectures. To facilitate the industry’s march towards high efficiency cell structures, equipment makers are churning out innovative product platforms. Four sponsors of the upcoming EU PVSEC – h.a.l.m. elektronik, RENA Technologies, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES, VON ARDENNE – are offering specific solutions for many of the advanced cell concepts, such as heterojunction cells, among others.

Heterojunction is hot

As with traditional cell processing, the heterojunction process starts with surface conditioning of the wafers, which require a high degree of cleaning. Leading wet solution providers RENA Technologies and SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES are also providing wet-benches for accomplishing specially cleaning regimes suitable for heterojunction cells. Both companies are offering ozone-based cleaning solutions, for example. RENA Technologies has extended its BatchTex N platform under the name BatchTex SHJ, which accomplishes etching, texturing and required cleaning for heterojunction. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is promoting SILEX II CLEAN as a dedicated cleaning machine for pre- or post-deposition in heterojunction processing.

List of Exhibitors is available

The list is by no means complete. Further equipment makers and material suppliers will be at the EU PVSEC industry exhibition with their latest innovations. And there are leading research institutes that link with their results to industry.

35th EU PVSEC’s Exhibition 2018:

Dates: 24 - 27 Sept 2018

Hours: Mon: 13:00 - 18:00 / Tue & Wed:09:00 - 18:00 / Thu:09:00 - 16:00

Venue: SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre, Mont des Arts, B-1000 Brussels


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4 July 2018

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