Call for Papers 2017: Conference Topics
EU PVSEC 2017 Scientific Committee
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Call for Papers 2017: Conference Topics

Be part of the cutting edge of research and innovation for photovoltaics, their application and integration. Strengthen your network with the PV research community, industry, investors in innovations and policy makers.

Contributions are welcome on all aspects of photovoltaics.

The Conference will be structured along the following main topics:

Apply for Student Awards 2017

To encourage high-quality work amongst young researchers, the EU PVSEC Students Awards will be presented in recognition of the most remarkable and outstanding research work in the field of Photovoltaics.

Received applications for the EU PVSEC Student awards will be reviewed and scored by the International Scientific Committee, made up of leading research and industry experts from the Global PV Community.

Conference Proceedings

EU PVSEC conference proceedings have been published since 1992 and have a high reputation in the sector. All submitted papers of plenary, oral and visual presentations will be subject to an editorial review process and published on-line on the EU PVSEC Proceedings website. The proceedings are currently indexed by INSPEC. The Peer Review process is being further developed with a view to having the proceedings included in other major citation indices.

Citability of Papers

Papers in the Conference Proceedings are coded by a digital identifier (DOI code) provided by the German National Library of Science and Technology. This guarantees an unequivocal and permanent identification and citability.

Apply for Journal Publication

Each year, the Scientific Committee selects a number of abstracts to be submitted as full-length journal papers for peer review and publication by the renowned scientific journal Progress in Photovoltaics. The paper will be as well included in the EU PVSEC proceedings.

Authors of the selected abstracts will be invited to prepare a full length paper to be submitted to the journal. When published, the paper will include a note to indicate that the results were presented at EU PVSEC.

Publications in Progress in Photovoltaics are scheduled to appear after EU PVSEC 2017.

For more information about Progress in Photovoltaics please visit:

EU PVSEC 2017 Scientific Committee

Your Conference Programme is compiled by members of the photovoltaic professional world.

Following submission, your abstract will be reviewed by the international EU PVSEC Scientific Committee. This distinguished group is made up of 180 leading experts (paper reviewers and topic organisers) from institutional and industrial research organisations, based in 30 countries.

To guarantee scientific quality of the Conference Programme, each abstract will be scored by three independent reviewers, before the topic organisers select the plenary, oral and visual presentations.


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