37th EU PVSEC, 07 - 11 September 2020

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h.a.l.m. elektronik GmbH

h.a.l.m. elektronik GmbH

h.a.l.m. elektronik gmbh develops and delivers high-end measuring systems for photovoltaic technologies world-wide. Founded in Germany in 1984, h.a.l.m. has focused its experience and passion for the last 14 years to the measurement of electrical characteristic of photovoltaic cells and modules by providing state of the art equipment. h.a.l.m. ‘s position as market and technological leader shows its commitment to the Photovoltaic industry.



Energy produced by solar power is the major pillar for a worldwide sustainable energy supply. Intelligent energy transition towards renewables represents both an opportunity and a challenge for power generation. Highly efficient photovoltaic cells will pave the road to this destination. Modern storage and battery technologies will sharply increase the use of environmentally friendly energy. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES provides technology solutions for both crystalline and thin-film high-performance solar cell platforms including CIGS, CdTe and Perovskite Technology as well as PERC, HJT, IBC, HBC & TOPCon. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES partners with cell manufacturers worldwide and develops processes, which improve the efficiency of solar cells while reducing production costs.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES’ expertise includes vacuum thin-film coating (PECVD, sputtering, evaporation), surface engineering, wet-chemical processes and thermal processing. With the production equipment for thin film technology SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is one of the few companies able to equip efficiently running factories for the manufacturing of CIS/CIGS thin-film modules for the production of next generation solar cells. For the manufacturing of CIGS solar modules, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has delivered equipment for different factory sites with capacities of about 300 MW each.

In the market for crystalline cell technologies, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is focusing clearly on the new high-efficiency cells like heterojunction solar cells. With the wet-chemical SILEX II etching and cleaning machine, the company is involved in numerous international investment projects and has established itself as the market leader in this segment. With the production equipment SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES improves cell efficiency and reduces manufacturing costs for high-performance crystalline solar cells (PERC, HJT, IBC, HBC, TOPCon) and tandem solar cells.

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