Message of the General Chair: Prof. João M Serra

Update April 2021

As you all know the EU PVSEC 2021 will be online. Of course, we miss the personal contact of a physical meeting but also remember the positive sides of an online event, e.g. not having to travel, avoiding CO2 emissions and safe interaction environment.
We say that solar is going everywhere. And we will experience just that; a PV community spread all over the world and attending the EUPVSEC 2021 from everywhere. Therefore, let us face the current situation as a challenge to continue our mission to develop photovoltaics and to contribute actively to the energy transition into a more sustainable future.

Many dreamed about photovoltaics and the solar age; we see the dream coming true

I am honoured to chair the 38th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition that is planned to be held on September 6 to 10, 2021 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The EU Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition is a world reference point regarding the latest developments related to PV and for up to date insights regarding new opportunities. PV is a major contributor to a cleaner and safer future for the planet. The latest updates on PV science, technology, systems, finance, policies, and markets are all covered by EU PVSEC 2021.

The transition to a low carbon society will not be possible without a major shift to renewables. Up to now the world is not set for a clear downward turn in emissions because most of the energy infrastructure still continues to work in a business-as-usual scenario. With its strong reduction in LCOE, PV is at the forefront of new energy technologies to be a key contributor for change. PV benefits range from local energy production to large power plants. By combination with other technologies it expands the its added value not only to cities, including buildings and mobility, but also to agriculture, water desalination and hydrogen production.

Let me give you a few more of the very good reasons to attend the EUPSEC 2021.

  • Different material technologies combine to establish new cell efficiency records. The learning curves of photovoltaics keep dropping at impressive rates. In August 2020, 670 megawatts (MW) were awarded at the Portugal solar auction, in 13 power plants, of which 8 have associated batteries (100 MW in total). No public subsidies were involved. Furthermore a new world record of €11.14 per MWh, in the fixed price mode, for a 10 MW power plant (without batteries) was established.
  • Lowest LCOE record is reported by IEA for PV, making it the cheapest energy source.
  • Increase in installed capacity despite Covid-19 and blooming new applications such as floating PV, Agro-PV, are taking PV really everywhere.

We all know that a great conference is much more than just a very good location and its facilities. It is also about meeting colleagues and old friends, having live discussions about new results and new ideas. Meeting new people, expanding your network of contacts and broadening your vision is a key aspect of the EU PVSEC. In 2021, being together has a special meaning and I am sure we all feel that even more. Have a look to an impressive programme that offers each of you a variety of interesting topics which you will not want to miss.

Portugal is a reference for renewables and well known for its huge ocean waves. You will agree that in these exciting times PV is surfing the green wave into a bright future. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the EU PVSEC 2021!

Professor João M Serra
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
EU PVSEC General Chairman




We are delighted to announce that Prof. João M Serra is appointed as the General Chair of the EU PVSEC 2021 in Lisbon

João M Serra obtained his PhD in Physics in 1995 and is now Full Professor at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL). He has addressed different topics in photovoltaics, namely the development of silicon ribbon technology and other kerfless technologies, off-grid photovoltaic systems for Africa and solar radiation assessment. His current research relates to selective contacts for high efficiency solar cells, tunneling junctions for tandems and PV system performance assessment.

His activities include participation as scientific coordinator of FCUL in international projects and as Principal Researcher in several national projects. Besides his activities related to solar energy and PV technology, Prof. Serra has been involved in teaching photovoltaics for more than 20 years and he is a contributor to international conferences dedicated to teaching of photovoltaics. He was the Director of the MIT-Portugal PhD program at FCUL between 2009 and 2017 and the scientific coordinator of FCUL of an Erasmus+ project (2016 and 2019) dedicated to solar energy teaching. Besides many scientific publications, he has 4 patent applications and 5 registered teaching kits. He is currently Head of the Department of Energy of FCUL.

We are pleased to welcome Prof. Serra as General Chair and are confident, that together we will make the EU PVSEC 2021 in Lisbon a memorable event.