37th EU PVSEC, 07 - 11 September 2020
CCL Lisbon Congress Centre, Lisbon, Portugal

Photovoltaics: writing the next chapter

F.Lambert credit F.Pattou webI am honoured to chair this year’s European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition to be held on September 9 to 13, 2019 in Marseille, France. This 36th edition of what has become a truly world-class event will be rich with opportunities to discover the latest research results and data, and gain insights into the most promising advances in PV technologies—all in one of France’s sunniest climates.

The transition to a sustainable energy future will not be possible without a carbon-free energy sector dominated by renewables. As a major contributor to a cleaner and safer future for the planet, PV technologies will play a key role in transforming our energy systems while enabling a massive shift to carbon-free energy. As costs have come down, renewable energy is being rolled out at record levels. However, because emissions levels are still far from reaching the targets set in the Paris Agreement, there is still much progress to be made to get renewables into the energy mix at an even faster pace.

Global investment in renewable-energy projects dropped slightly in 2018. And yet, the same year, more than 100 GWp of PV power was installed worldwide, evidence of the maturity of PV technologies. To continue to speed up the energy transition, PV must be addressed holistically alongside grid-integration technologies. These include tools to enable greater grid flexibility, battery-based storage, and digital systems. The goal is to provide the backbone for tomorrow’s massive “smart-grid-ready” PV power plants. Consumers will benefit from cost reductions, of course. But so will high-added-value applications like advanced building-integrated photovoltaics and emerging transportation concepts.

This expanded vision for the next chapter in PV history will call for innovative approaches beyond just PV production. The entire value chain will have to be addressed, from new materials through to system-level advances. Currently, the primary challenges are high-efficiency cells, modules offering extended lifespans, efficient power electronics, multiscale smart grid modelling, and, finally, eco-design to ensure recyclability and more economical use of critical materials.

EU PVSEC 2019 will be the place to start new conversations on these and other topics and get the latest updates on PV science, technology, finance, policies, and markets. I am looking forward to an impressive programme and I am confident that you will find ample learning and networking opportunities at an event orchestrated to unlock your creativity and broaden your vision.

Dr. Florence Lambert
EU PVSEC 2019 General Chair
Director of CEA Liten, (the Laboratory for Innovation in new Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials)


Florence Lambert is Conference General Chair of the EU PVSEC 2019

Florence Lambert is appointed as the EU PVSEC 2019 Conference General Chair following the nomination and voting process by the EU PVSEC International Scientific Advisory Committee. Florence Lambert is Director of CEA Liten, (the Laboratory for Innovation in new Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials) covering a large field of developments as solar photovoltaic, solar concentrator, energy storage, energy grids, digital technology for energy systems, located at CEA Grenoble and INES, France’s solar energy research institute.

Florence Lambert joined CEA in February 2000 and has held various managerial positions related to energy storage systems / renewable energies. From 2006, she joined CEA-INES and initiated the first stationary storage research platform in Europe. From 2009, she developed the CEA-LITEN's transport division, focusing on the development / integration of two key components: lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells and played a key role in various vehicle developments related to French policy on low carbon emissions.

In 2013, she became the Director of Liten and she was also in charge of national industrial energy storage plans, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Ecology.
Recently, she was identified in the first list of 20 women of influence of Renewable Energy in France according to the GreenUnivers media.

In June 2018, Florence Lambert was appointed President of the Industry, Jobs and Innovation Committee at the SER Board of Directors.