EU PVSEC 2020 online OPENING

The opening session was held on Monday morning at 8:30 (CEST) and was divided into 4 blocks.

Missed it? Watch it now:

video play buttonPart I:
- Scientific Opening / Plenary Session AP.1 Innovations in Photovoltaics
- Becquerel Prize Ceremony

video play buttonPart II:
- Opening Addresses

video play buttonPart III:
- Moderated Panel Discussion, Topic: "The role of PV in the Green Deal and the EU Recovery Package - Perspectives and chances for a sustainable future?"


08:30 - 09:50 Scientific Opening / Plenary Session AP.1

AP.1 Innovations in Photovoltaics

Jozef (Jef) Poortmans, imec, Belgium
Andreas Bett, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany

AP.1.1 State of the Art in Perovskite Photovoltaics
A. Hagfeldt
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

AP.1.2 Student Awards Finalist Presentation: The Race for the Best Silicon Bottom Cell: Efficiency and Cost Evaluation of Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells
C. Messmer, B.S. Goraya, S. Nold, J. Schön, J.C. Goldschmidt,
M. Bivour & M. Hermle
Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, Germany

AP.1.3 Intermediate Band Solar Cells: Present and Future
I. Ramiro & A. Martí
UPM, Madrid, Spain

AP.1.4 High Performance Organic Photovoltaics
D. Baran
KAUST, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

10:00 – 10:35 Becquerel Prize Ceremony

The purpose of the prize is to honor outstanding merits in photovoltaics and was established by the European Commission in 1989. This year’s winner receives the Becquerel Prize 2020 in honour of his ground-breaking work on solar cells based on organic-inorganic metal halide perovskite.

  • Delivery of the prize by Dr. Piotr Szymanski, European Commission, Director of the JRC Directorate C for Energy, Transport and Climate2020 08 28 Oxford PV Henry Snaith web
  • Chair of Ceremony
    Prof. Joachim Luther, Chairman of the Prize Committee
  • Laudatio
    Prof. Pierre Verlinden
    Becquerel Prize Winner 2019
    Managing Director, Amrock Pty Ltd, Australia
    Consultant, Non-Executive Director to PV companies, Visiting Professor at Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou)
  • Delivery of the prize
  • Becquerel Prize Winner
    Prof. Henry J. Snaith FRS
    Professor of Physics, Group Leader Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics Device group, Department of Physics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
    Winner Speech


10:45 - 11:20 Opening Addresses

EU PVSEC General Chair Prof. Nicola Pearsall guided through this block that included a presentation by Elias de Kayser titled “Virtual Power Plants for the transition to 100% renewable”. He explained how a visionary business idea became one of the largest virtual power plants in Europe.

  • Prof. Nicola Pearsall
    EU PVSEC General Chair
    Emerita Professor of Renewable Energy in the Faculty of Engineering and Environment of Northumbria University, United Kingdom

  • Elias De Keyser
    Next Kraftwerke Belgium
    Virtual Power Plants for the transition to 100% renewable”


      Elias DE KEYSER


11:30 - 12:35 Moderated Panel Discussion

Topic: The role of PV in the Green Deal and the EU Recovery Package - Perspectives and chances for a sustainable future?

Energy-economic model calculations show that a climate-neutral economy can be achieved by 2050 through a complete transformation of the fossil-nuclear energy system to 100% renewable energies.

Follow our discussion to get answers to questions like: Are the sectoral measures of the European Green Deal sufficient to achieve decarbonisation? How does a 100% supply of renewable energies already work at regional level today? What can be derived from this for the big picture?


  • Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO SolarPower Europe
  • Dr. Gunter Erfurt, CEO Meyer Burger Technology AG
  • Prof. Marko Topič, Chair of ETIP PV
  • Paolo Rossi, Director of AEM SA

Moderator: Dr. Heinz Ossenbrink, Former European Commission Joint Research Centre

Walburga HEMETSBERGER      Gunter ERFURT      Marko TOPIC      Paolo ROSSI