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23 May 2019

The 36th edition of EU PVSEC is only 16 weeks away. Starting today, your EU PVSEC Conference Team would like to brief you regularly about the features of the conference, the scientific content, presentation formats as well as the beautiful location and much more that might be of interest to you. We encourage you to comment, suggest and contribute to this preview at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This time we will start off with some thematic novelties within the scientific programme:

EU PVSEC 2019: Photovoltaics and Beyond

You might have already read the message “Photovoltaics: writing the next chapter” on our website written by our Conference Chair Dr. Florence Lambert. She underlines how the future of Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion will rely on a more holistic approach for speeding up the energy transition. In a time where PV Power generation is possible at prices approaching 20...40 EUR/MWh, quite some innovation can be expected regarding grid-integration, storage, electricity intensive industrial applications, Power2X, the energy-autonomous buildings and electromobility. Consequently, EU PVSEC 2019 will feature presentations on all these new aspects.

In order to provide a comprehensive forum for the discussion of latest innovations in Photovoltaics and beyond, we already made some modifications to our “Call for Abstracts” regarding the wide range of topics at this conference which now reaches a total number of 7. Have a look at the following changes:

  • On the device research side, we separated the fast-growing research base on Perovskites from other research in order to give you a comprehensive and compact review of this promising research.
  • Regarding manufacturing technology, we will have a closer look at all sustainability aspects of PV in terms of resource efficiency, recycling and re-use and in more general terms, the role of PV manufacturing within a circular economy.
  • There is now a re-structured topic on PV applications and integration, grouped along infrastructure, professional applications and system management. The ever-decreasing costs of PV generation opens new application areas for PV, which have previously been considered but were economically not viable so far. This situation is now changing, and professional and industrial applications are coming up in the field of water supply, mining, metal processing, PV thermal and “Power2X” systems. Integration in our infrastructure now includes presentations on PV’s role for electro-mobility but also on floating PV systems. A broader room is now also given to energy management and systems integration, and we intend to shine more light on the PV content regarding buzz words like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning.
  • The conference also features a separate subtopic on storage which is an essential part in PV’s conquest of the energy system. Whilst storage was majorly a requirement for off-grid systems in the past, it already constitutes the key to further PV sales in many countries. We will also see presentations on storage systems beyond electrochemical accumulators.

All these broadening of the topical spectrum of PV Energy does not go at the expense of presentations of the more PV device related research and development results. Therefore, we increased the number of oral sessions but maintained the morning plenaries with attractive and comprehensive overview presentations.

In the following newsletters we will go more into the details of the conference content.