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Detailed Conference Programme & Outline of the Week available

Message of Nigel Taylor, Technical Programme ChairmanEUPVSEC2017 ConferenceProgrammeOutline 965

I'm delighted to announce the programme for EU PVSEC 2017. Once again the EU PVSEC is offering both a world-class overview and in-depth insights to the latest research. Check out the link below for the listing of presentations, as well as the overall time schedule for the week.

Nigel Taylor
European Commission Joint Research Centre
EU PVSEC Technical Programme Chair

Great Response to EU PVSEC 2017's Call For Papers

EUPVSEC2017 abstractsbycountries Over 1250 abstracts have been received for the Call for Papers of the 33rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 25 - 29 September 2017.

Arno Smets, General Chairman of the upcoming EU PVSEC 2017 commented, “I am very happy with the large number of abstracts submitted. The submissions demonstrate that the interest in photovoltaics keeps on growing.

The abstracts were received from coresponding authors in 70 countries. Most abstracts were handed in from Germany with a share of around 21%, followed by the host country The Netherlands (8%). Around half of the top 10 respondents came from European countries, including France (5%), Italy (4%), Switzerland (4%) and Spain (3%). Scientists from Asia’s leading PV nations have shown big interest in EU PVSEC as well, with most abstracts coming from Japan (5%), China (4%), Korea (3%), Taiwan (3%) and India (3%). Further top contributors are the US (4%) and from North Africa, Morocco (4%), a pioneer in off-grid solar and currently developing some of the most ambitious utility-scale solar power projects on that continent.

You have now the chance to hand in a late abstract

Many thanks to all authors and co-authors who submitted an abstract for the EU PVSEC 2017!

If you would like to share your latest results and insights, you have still the opportunity to submit a late abstract.

If you wish to submit a late abstract or if you have an enquiry concerning abstract submission for EU PVSEC 2017, please find all detailed information in the "Authors' Workstation".

Message from the EU PVSEC General Chairman Professor Arno Smets

The PV revolution is just beginning!ArnoSmets web

I am honoured to host world-leading scientific solar knowledge-exchange platform EU PVSEC in the beautiful city of Amsterdam in my home country, The Netherlands from 25 - 29. September 2017. The 33rd edition of the European Photovoltaic Energy Conference and Exhibition, offers you, once again, an excellent opportunity to absorb, update, and discuss the most recent and relevant developments in photovoltaics.

I am very happy to live in these exciting “solar” times. The fast advances in photovoltaic solar energy are mind blowing. In 2016, the first tenders were won for solar farms in the Middle East at electricity prices well below 0.03 €/kWh. But even in Northern Europe we can seeing solar prices that are equally impressive – the lowest bidder in a recent German/Danish tender offered solar power at only 0.05 €/kWh. And the upcoming tender in sunny Spain should lead to solar price bids that are in the 0.03-0.04 €/kWh range. At these prices levels solar is starting to really disrupt the energy markets.

I am very pleased to welcome you in Amsterdam. I am sure the 33rd EU PVSEC will energize and inspire you again,

Arno Smets
EU PVSEC General Chairman
Professor Solar Energy at Delft University of Technology


Amsterdam hosts the 33rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition from 25 to 29 September 2017

Welcome to the EU PVSEC - The Innovation Platform for the Global PV Solar Sector

The EU PVSEC is the largest international Conference and Exhibition for Photovoltaic research, technologies and applications. It gathers the global PV community to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations in Photovoltaics, to network and to conduct business. It is the world renowned science-to-science and science-to-industry platform with a full and only focus on the global PV Solar Sector.

Welcome from the host country

The Netherlands is very pleased to host the EU PVSEC 2017 and welcomes you
to the beautiful city of Amsterdam! GDM0677 WimSinke

Solar energy is considered a key technology for a sustainable energy future, also in our small and windy country. Integration of PV into buildings, infrastructure and landscape offers great opportunities to achieve impact and even offshore combinations with wind energy, biomass, and energy storage may be possible. Large-scale generation of sustainable electricity can be used not only to cover electricity demand, but also for heating purposes and perhaps even for fuels and products. This conviction is clearly translated into our innovation and deployment policies. PV is an important topic in the ambitious innovation program of the TKI Urban Energy; the national public-private partnership for energy innovations in the urban environment in broad sense. Large-scale PV deployment is stimulated by several financial incentives for small and large systems and the PV market has grown accordingly. In short: PV is here to stay and flourish.

The Netherlands has a global perspective on societal and environmental challenges, on business opportunities, and on culture. Therefore we look forward to the exchange of exciting developments in PV science, technology and applications and all related topics, between stakeholders from all over the world. Let’s learn from each other and inspire each other. We hope to see you here from 25 to 29 September 2017!

Prof. Wim Sinke
ECN Solar Energy
TKI Urban Energy

Proceedings of the EU PVSEC 2016 published

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The EU PVSEC 2016 Conference Proceedings have been published and are now available for download. This allows the entire PV community to easily access this comprehensive database for PV research and technology, renowned for the high standard of its contributions.

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