35th EU PVSEC, 24 - 28 September 2018
SQUARE - Brussels Meeting Centre, Brussels, Belgium

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Rue Mont des Arts
1000 Brussel

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++ Please note: Due to the higher security level in public buildings and several security checks at SQUARE we advise to arrive 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the Conference/Exhibition. ++


Why Brussels, why Square - Meeting Centre

A power city at the heart of the debate

Besides the European Parliament, Council and Commission, the capital houses over 2200 active international associations. Then add the NATO Headquarters, EUROCONTROL and the regional headquarters of many multinationals. All of these organisations and companies are attracted by the quality of the workforce, transport links, outstanding telecoms infrastructure, and the need to be at the very heart of the debate.

So much more than the capital of Europe

Even if you haven’t visited Brussels before, you no doubt know a few things about the city already: it’s the centre of European decision-making, produces world-class beer, mouth-watering chocolate and waffles. Now what you may not realise is that the city offers a unique blend of culture, international business and leisure all combined with its own distinct national flavour. Evolving from a combination of Flemish, Walloon, European and global influences, Brussels is a true melting pot. Where else can you have a meeting at the European Parliament, enjoy Ethiopian cuisine and sip a fine Trappist beer in an art-nouveau bar once frequented by the world-famous Belgian singer, Jacques Brel? This city will greet you with its different neighborhoods and their secrets, each one offering an experience totally distinct to the next.

A conference champion

For the seventh year in a row, Brussels maintains its position as the most active and visited conference capital in Europe and the second in the world, only by Singapore but ahead of Paris, Vienna and Tokyo. Far from being complacent, this city is intent on offering much more and is busy building a future that reflects modernity and positive progress with an infrastructure to match.

Square Brussels is shaped by history

SQUARE is situated in Mont-des-Arts, an area that today packs in a fine combination of culture, energy, business and leisure. Steeped in history, it was once a medieval palace for the Dukes of Brabant and then a centre of European power under the Hapsburgs where Belgium's first sovereign took his oath in 1831. Mont-des-Arts’ fortunes changed however and it’s wealthy streets were transformed into a slum. Eventually, its dwellings were torn down and replaced with a park which played host to the Exposition Universelle et Internationale, a world exhibition, in 1910. Ever-changing, the Mont Des Arts was rebuilt in 1958, housing the Royal Library of Belgium and The Congress Center of Brussels that it is today. Situated close to the European institutions, the Mont-des-Arts has come full circle, finding itself once again closely linked to the centre of power in Europe.


SQUARE proudly holds the first star of the Ecodynamic label which is awarded by the Brussels Environment agency. We are working hard to win a second and leading this challenge are our two eco-coordinators, who make sure that Team SQUARE consistently improves the sustainability of our infrastructure and services.


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