35th EU PVSEC, 24 - 28 September 2018
SQUARE - Brussels Meeting Centre, Brussels, Belgium

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Access  1
Access to the Conference  1
Access to the EU PVSEC Parallel Events  1
Access to the Exhibition  1
Access to the Parallel Events  9, 1
Accomodation  11
Adresses of the Airport  7
American Express  1, 2
Authors  10
Awards  9, 11
Badge  1
Bag  1
Banks  7, 15
Becquerel Prize  11
Business Centre  5
Business Rooms  5
Cash  7
Cash machines  7
Catering  3
Cloakrooms  5
Closing Session  9
Coffee Breaks  3
Conference Registration  1
Conference Registration Desk  1, 3, 4
Copy Shops  16
Country Code  15
Credit cards  1, 2
Delivery of Manuscripts  10
Electricity  15
Emergencies  8
Emergency Telephone Codes  8
EU PVSEC Dinner  1, 4
EU PVSEC Student Awards  11
EUPVSEC Parallel Events  1, 9
Exchange  7
Exhibition Visitor Ticketing  1
Exhibitor Passes  2
Exhibitors  2, 4
  Fee  1, 2
First Aid  8
Hotel  12
How to reach  12
Information Centre  5
Information for Authors  10
Information for Exhibitors  2
Insurance  8
Internet  6
Invitation Letters  2
Invitation Letters for Exhibitors  3
Jobs4PV  5
Keynote  8
Language  9
List of Exhibitors  2, 4
List of Participants  4
Lost and Found  5
Luggage  5
MasterCard  1
Meeting rooms  5
Museums  15
Networking  3
Notes for Authors  10
Opening hours  6
Opening hours of Conference Registration Desk  6
Opening hours of Delivery of Manuscripts Desk  6
Opening hours of Presenters’ Desk  6
Opening hours of the Exhibition  6
Opening Session  8
Opening times  15
Oral Presentations  8, 10
Organiser  7
Paper submission  10
Parallel Events  1, 9
Parking Facilities  8
Payment  1, 2, 3
Payment of Registration Fees  1
Peer Review  11
  Personal Agenda  4, 8, 9
Personal Programme Planner  4, 8, 9
Pharmacies  16
Plenary Presentations  8, 9, 10
Post Offices  15
Poster  9
Presenter’s Desk  11
Prizes and Awards  2, 11
Proceedings  10, 11
Programme  4, 5, 9, 8, 10
Progress in Photovoltaics  11
Public Transportation  13
Publication of manuscripts  10
Publication of manuscripts in the EU PVSEC Proceedings  10
Registration  1
Registration Area  1
Registration Fee  1
Restaurants  16
Services  3
Shopping hours  15
Shops  15
Sightseeing  15, 16
Solar Industry Forum  2, 9
Taxi  14
Telephone  15
Ticketing  1, 2
Tickets for the EU PVSEC Dinner  4
Time Zone  15
Tourist Information/ Travel Information  11
Tours booking  16
Venue  7
Visa  1, 3
Visa card  1
Visitor Ticket  1
Visual Presentations  9, 10, 11
Wardrobes  5
Welcome Reception  3


homebuttons howtoreachHow to reach RAI Amsterdam

By train

The RAI has its ‘own’ station, RAI Amsterdam which is located a stone’s throw from the RAI complex and is easy to reach from anywhere in the Netherlands. When you leave the station follow the signs for RAI Amsterdam. For further information consult the NS [Dutch railways] travel planner by visiting: www.ns.nl/en.

By tram, metro or bus

Tram 4 runs between the RAI (Europaplein stop), Amsterdam’s city centre and Amsterdam Central Station. You can reach the RAI from the Amstel railway station by taking Metro 51 and Bus 65. Metro 51 also runs to Amsterdam Central Station. Metro 50 runs regularly between the Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Gein stations and stops at the RAI Amsterdam station.

By car

The RAI is immediately signposted on roads signs on the ring road drivers end up on after approaching Amsterdam from the A1 motorway (Amersfoort/Amsterdam), the A2 (Utrecht/Amsterdam) or the A4 (Den Haag [The Hague]/Amsterdam). RAI Amsterdam is situated right next to the ring road (Exit 9). The RAI’s car parks are signposted immediately after leaving the ring road.

Parking at the RAI
Are you planning to come to RAI Amsterdam by car? You can book and purchase your parking ticket in advance. This way, you are assured of a parking space, and, having paid already, you can easily enter and exit the parking garage without pauses or delays. With the ticket you can enter and exit the parking garage several times.

By plane

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is located a mere 15 minutes from RAI Amsterdam whether you travel by car, train, taxi or bus. The Amsterdam Airport website provides information including: up-to-the-minute flight information, connecting transport facilities to RAI Amsterdam and business facilities.


homebuttons flightSpecial Flight Fares with Air France & KLM Global Meetings

Valid for travel from 20/09/2017 to 04/10/2017klm airfrance logo
Event location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Attractive discounts on a wide range of airfares on all Air France and KLM flights worldwide**.

Use the website of this event or visit www.airfranceklm-globalmeetings.com to

  • access the preferential fares granted for this event*,
  • make your booking,
  • issue your electronic ticket*,
  • and select your seat**.

Under “Event Participants” enter Event ID Code 30415AF.

If you buy your ticket via AIR FRANCE & KLM Global Meetings website, your electronic ticket will carry a special mention which justifies the application of the preferential fares. Should you prefer to process your reservations and ticket-purchase directly with an Air France and KLM sales outlet, you must keep this current document which serves to justify the application of the preferential airfares. Keep the document to justify the special fares with you as you may be asked for it at any point of your journey. Frequent flyer / loyalty programs of Air France and KLM partner airlines are credited with "miles" when Air France or KLM flights are used.

* not available in certain countries
** subject to conditions


homebuttons hotelHotel Reservation

For your comfortable booking of hotel rooms and private accommodation for the EU PVSEC 2017, we recommend RAI Hotel & Travel Service. We recommend to arrange your hotel booking as early as possible. Kindly note, that hotel accommodation is subject to availability.
The city of Amsterdam has a capacity of more than 34.400 hotels. Thanks to years of knowledge and experience, the Hotel & Travel Service can offer the best hotels at good prices with excellent conditions. RAI Hotel Services can:

  • Take matters off your hands so that you can focus on your core business
  • Offer suitable, tailor-made hotel proposal
  • Ensure that the hotels offered provide low event prices
  • Ensure that you get the best possible conditions

Click the button for hotel reservations or tailor made advice. After booking your hotel, arrange your flights and transfers with RAI Hotel Services.

RAI Amsterdam logokl
For further information please contact RAI Hotel Services:
+31-20-549 19 27 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RAI Hotel Services operates independently from the organiser of the EU PVSEC 2017. Sole contractual partner for any services booked through the links on the accommodation booking page is RAI Hotel Services respectively the chosen hotel or private host.


Welcome from the host country

The Netherlands is very pleased to host the EU PVSEC 2017 and welcomes you
to the beautiful city of Amsterdam! GDM0677 WimSinke

Solar energy is considered a key technology for a sustainable energy future, also in our small and windy country. Integration of PV into buildings, infrastructure and landscape offers great opportunities to achieve impact and even offshore combinations with wind energy, biomass, and energy storage may be possible. Large-scale generation of sustainable electricity can be used not only to cover electricity demand, but also for heating purposes and perhaps even for fuels and products. This conviction is clearly translated into our innovation and deployment policies. PV is an important topic in the ambitious innovation program of the TKI Urban Energy; the national public-private partnership for energy innovations in the urban environment in broad sense. Large-scale PV deployment is stimulated by several financial incentives for small and large systems and the PV market has grown accordingly. In short: PV is here to stay and flourish.

The Netherlands has a global perspective on societal and environmental challenges, on business opportunities, and on culture. Therefore we look forward to the exchange of exciting developments in PV science, technology and applications and all related topics, between stakeholders from all over the world. Let’s learn from each other and inspire each other. We hope to see you here from 25 to 29 September 2017!

Prof. Wim Sinke
ECN Solar Energy
TKI Urban Energy

Coordination of the Technical Programme

1 0 EC JRC


Institutional PV Industry Cooperation

2 1 SolarPowerEurope     2 2 SOLARUNITED

Institutional Support

1 1 EC


1 3 WCRE

 Supporting Organisations

  • 3 1 ESA
  • 3 2 EREF
  • 3 3 EUFORES
  • 3 4 REN21
  • 3 5 IEA PVPS
  • 3 6 EUPVTP
  • 3 7 0 TKI
  • 3 7 EUREC
  • 3 8 ARE


Supporting Associations

  • 4 1 AIE
  • 4 2 CABA
  • 4 3 EPIC
  • 4 4 SASIA
  • 4 5 AREA
  • 4 6 GENSED
  • 4 7 MPIA


Cooperating Events

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